Easy ways to change Alexa’s Name and Accent

Do you also have an Alexa device, then you must be knowing how handy it is to use? Alexa can perform everything from turning the lights off to helping you organize your events.

How To Change Alexa Name Accent

However, what if you would rather not call her “Alexa”? You must be wondering, can we Alexa’s name? Perhaps there is already somebody called Alexa in your own household, making things far too confusing. Or you’ve got multiple Alexa based devices and do not wish to have them mixed up.

Even though you can not change her title to anything you wish to, there is a way to alter it with the help of the Alexa App. Keep reading to understand how you can change Alexa’s name. And as soon as you’ve decided about what to call her, then try these other trendy things you did not understand Alexa can do.

Remember altering your helper’s wake term operates on a device-by-device basis. You will want to replicate the following steps below for each Echo speaker inside your home, whether or not you have the little Echo Flex, gigantic Echo Studio or some other Alexa speaker between.


Here is the way to change Alexa’s name in your Echo

When you’ve had Amazon Alexa on your home for a while, you may want to shake things up a little. Let us face it. Calling her by precisely the same title daily and providing identical default controls can be a bit tedious.

A more significant reason for needing to modify the Alexa aftermath word has to do with safety. Bear in mind that you complete the aftermath word each and every time, whether intentionally or otherwise, your Echo device begins recording the dialogue. If your wake word often comes up in conversations, you may realize that your device records far more than you might imagine. For this reason, you may wish to select a phrase that seldom comes up in everyday conversations. This will restrict the chance of getting recorded confidential details.

If you or somebody in your home goes by the title Alexa, then you’ve probably already experienced a good amount of confusion. Luckily, you won’t be stuck using that title for more. Follow the following steps to change Alexa’s name:

From Voice

The simplest way to alter Alexa’s title or wake word would be by simply requesting her.


Just simply ask Alexa: “Alexa, can we change your name?”

In reaction to this, Alexa will suggest you call  Echo, Amazon or Computer

Now answer this query by choosing one of the above names.

Should you happen to change your mind halfway through the entire process, then simply say “Cancel”

As an alternative, you can change your name with the Alexa App on your telephone or tablet computer.

To do that:

  • Install Alexa App on your mobile/tablet.
  • Now press the menu button
  • In the menu, now choose ‘Settings’
  • Now choose the Echo Device that you wish to rename
  • Scroll down and choose’ Wake Word’
  • Assuming this is your very first time You’re changing the title, it ought to read Alexa’s
  • Once you tap on the title, you’ll get three extra choices
  • Pick one of them and then tap on the Save’ button.

When you change the wake terms for Alexa, the light of your ECHO device in question will briefly flash orange light, signaling the transition. Even though it might take some time until Alexa begins to react to the brand new name, this shouldn’t be over 30 minutes.

About the Amazon Echo

Another alternative is applicable when your ECHO device does have the display 

  • Tap “Settings” on your device
  • as an Alternative, You could swipe from the top of your screen and tap ‘Settings’
  • Now Select ‘Device Options’
  • Select’ Wake Word’ then alter it into one of those 3 choices you get

How to Change Alexa wake phrase on Kindle

To do that:

Check if Alex Hands-Free mode is enabled or not, If not then enable it.

Now swipe down on the top of the screen and open “Settings”.

Select “Alexa”

Choose the wake phrase and select among the two available choices

Regardless of what approach you opt to use, remember the Alexa device you would like to rename needs to be linked to the web for the change to take effect. Therefore, if for any reason your Alexa based device is disconnected or shut, plug it in and get it online.


Could you change Alexa’s voice and accent?

Yes! If you’re becoming bored of listening to the identical old voice and tones, then it’s possible to change things up and have some fun. Have you got a soft spot for a classy British accent? Or do you discover the Indian accent charming? Regardless of what tickles your fancy, you can get Alexa to bring your dream to life by altering both her voice and accent.


Here is the way to turn that fantasy into reality:

  • Install and then open Alexa App
  • Select ‘Alexa Devices’
  • Select the device in which you need to alter Alexa’s accent
  • Scroll down and tap Speech.
  • A drop-down box may appear with a listing of accents to Select from
  • When picking your favorite accent, tap ‘Save Changes’

Remember, however, that as soon as you alter Alexa’s accent, she may have a challenging time understanding your orders if you don’t talk in that accent. For that reason, it may be best to adhere to an accent you can eliminate.

Now you know how easy it is to change Alexa’s name, all you need to do is follow the above steps.

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