How to Reset Alexa Devices in Simple Ways

Alexa is among the most popular digital devices in many houses at this time. It appears like everybody has at least one Alexa-based gadget in their home, assisting them in making their life easier. Even though the Echo and Dot are excellent devices, they sometimes have hiccups and issues like any other technology device.

How To Reset Alexa Devices

How To reset alexa device

Were you having difficulty with your Alexa devices? There are a few reasons why you might have to reset your Alexa-based devices. You might be experiencing problems with it or even have opted to give it to somebody. If you’re experiencing problems, the first thing you always need to do is disconnect the unit from the power, then wait for a minute and then plug it back in.

The same as we do with computers and other technologies, a simple restart occasionally frees up small issues just like magic. If your device still isn’t behaving correctly -or you are planning to give it to some other individual. All you need is deregistering and resetting the Echo, or Dot is quite simple and requires just a few measures.

Whether the question Is your device is an Echo Dot, Echo Show, or a set of Echo Buds Even an Echo Flex, resetting your Alexa devices can solve a broad selection of issues.

Here is the guide to help you reset Amazon Alexa Devices of different generations presently available in the market.

Kinds of Amazon Echo / Alexa reset

First, make sure that you know which kind of reset that you wish to do. If it is merely unresponsive, your first call should be to turn off the power supply. Just pull out the power adapter, give it a couple of moments, then plug it back into.

In case your Alexa speaker isn’t working after power down, you also need to perform a factory reset.

If you are selling or giving your Echo speaker to somebody else, you need to reset it.

Reset 1st-generation Amazon Echo or Echo Dot

Amazon might have stopped making 1st generation Amazon Echo/ Dot. However, you will still find lots of secondhand options available in the market, or your first Echo is working perfectly, and you are not in any hurry to obtain a newer version.

To reset your 1st-generation Echo or Echo Dot:

  1. Get a paper clip, hairpin, or similar clip.
  2. Now, Search for the reset button in your Echo or Echo Dot.
  3. With the help of a hairpin, press and hold the Reset button.
  4. You will notice the echo ring is changing into several colors. The point when the ring becomes orange means you have successfully reset your device.

To install your newly-wiped Echo/ Echo Dot

  1. On your tablet or smartphone, open the Alexa app.
  2. Tap the “Devices” icon available in the bottom right corner of the device.
  3. Press + -> Add Device.”
  4. Now select “Amazon Echo.”
  5. Choose “Echo Dot” or “Echo.”

Reset your 2nd-generation Echo/ Echo Dot


To reset your 2nd-generation Echo or Echo Dot, follow the given steps:

  1. Hold and press “Volume down” and “Microphone” buttons together.
  2. When the ring light turns orange, press the “Microphone” and “Volume down” buttons again.
  3. Your alexa device is successfully reset

Reset a 3rd-generation Echo/ Echo Dot

Follow the given steps to reset your 3rd-generation device:

  1. Hold and press the “Action” button on the device till the ring light turns orange and blue.
  2. Now Alexa is in setup mode, press the “Action” button.
  3. Now, open the Amazon Alexa app.
  4. Choose the “Devices“.
  5. Then press the “+” icon.
  6. Select “Amazon Echo,” then select or “Echo Dot” or “Echo” depending upon your device category.

Now just follow the installation procedure provided by the Amazon Alexa app.

Resetting Your Amazon Echo Show

It’s easy to reset your Echo Display:

  1. On the Echo Show display and choose “Settings.”
  2. Or you can start the Echo Show’s preferences by stating, “Alexa, visit Settings.”
  3. Select “Device Options.”
  4. Select “Reset to Factory Defaults.

Your Amazon Echo Show will reset.

Link back your Echo Show to your amazon account, by following the instructions shown in your screen.

Resetting the Echo Flex

The Echo Flex is a little Echo speaker which you plug straight into a wall socket. But if you face any trouble, follow the steps to reset Echo Flex:

  1. Press and hold the device “Mute” button. Its LED must cycle through several colors.
  2. When the LED turns orange, it means your EchoFlex is now in setup mode.
  3. On your phone or computer, open Alexa App.
  4. Select “Echo Flex” from the Devices section.

Follow the on-screen directions to establish your Echo Flex device.

Reset Amazon’s Echo Buds

The Amazon Echo Buds are a pair of wireless earbuds that contain always-on Alexa and built-in sound reduction technologies.

  1. To start with the process, firstly install the Amazon Alexa app to your phone or computer.
  2. From the bottom-right corner, then tap “Devices.”
  3. Now choose “All Devices.”
  4. Choose your “Echo Buds” from the list.
  5. Now start your device’s Bluetooth preferences and unpair your Echo Buds, and select “Forget this gadget.”
  6. Press the button available on the bottom and wait for 15 minutes.
  7. If the LED indicator turns yellowish, the factory reset is complete.

Now you can install your Echo Buds and set them with another Bluetooth-enabled device.

How to reset Alexa on Your smartphone

It is now possible to reset most Alexa-enabled devices just through your mobile app only. Follow the directions here to deregister all of your devices from the Alexa program.

Along with resetting and deregistering your device and maintain privacy delete the voice recording saved at the Amazon server. 

Hopefully, you find this blog to help you to reset your Alexa devices and make it work error-free.

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